Bogdan Terzi — a co-owner and head of the international advertising company “Amillidius”, a business and marketing expert. 

“Not so rarely, when conversing with my customers, I can see a misconception of what marketing is: many entrepreneurs associate it with advertising only. And this is an epic fail that leads to grave financial losses and even bankruptcy. I am a strong believer that today, “marketing” is a synonym of “business”. This has been proven by many successful business people. During many years of my experience, I have got increasingly convinced in it. So, together with my marketing colleagues, I created a system of business management, based on this principle. 

I created this website for those seeking to stand out of the crowd, winning over their competitors, and being a leader in their area. Looking through its sections, you can get a better understanding of what a consistent approach toward building and developing business is. I share my ideas and my know-how with you for you to be able to gain your profit as I do.” 

Bogdan Terzi