5 ways to bring the customers from “online”

Online advertising has become an integral part of any business. So, today I will share 5 ways of how to find the customers online for the offline business of which marketing experts keep forgetting. While they shouldn’t – these customers eventually bring the best results.

Set a more detailed target
If you set your targeted ads having this idea “everyone needs our product so we target everyone”, expect no results whatsoever. The more detailed your target is, the more efficient the ads will be. Launch several advertising campaigns at once to target different audiences rather than just focusing on one very general. A pro tip – for the local business, set a specified location-based target. 500-1000 meters may be enough already. Those who spend much time in the geography of your business will see the ad and this will increase the chance of a purchase.

Verify your advertising sites
Don’t be mistaken – the advertising in the search engines is not enough. If your audience does not have accounts on social media, it doesn’t mean you should ignore the latter. The proper management of your social media accounts will increase brand recognition and loyalty to it. And even if there are no direct purchases through social media, you can still use the fine reputation you will shape there.

Use more video and audio
The photos, as a rule, do not seem catchy enough for the users who very much prefer video-advertising and animation. Even if you don’t have video footage of your own, you can create animated posts using photographs! There are dozens of apps to do so. Audio advertising works better than the regular photos with the text – it just takes to choose a correct site and create the record.

Keep it in mind that the ever-increasing number of users use their mobile phones to be online so they will see a great part of the ads on these devices. Adopt your ads to the mobile phone screen and scale it up in the ads and topical ad channels. These are Instagram Stories, Facebook, mailout in messengers. Make your texts shorter and the visual elements more vivid. And you will eyewitness the instant increase in efficiency!

Don’t forget to monitor the statistics and feedback from the users. Improve your campaigns following these data, use every possible advertising channel. And don’t try to reach all your prospects at once. Good luck!


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