How to make your advertising video being watched through to the end

Why does it take a creative approach to retain your viewers’ attention and how to make the audience watch your advertising video through to the end? There are several aspects you should pay your attention to when creating promotional videos – this will improve their efficiency.

Idea matters
The concept of advertising, the creative touch, and the idea can provide for up to 80% of the returns of its cost. So even if you use proper formats, post in the prime time and arrange your content in a very neat way but the ad is boring, it is doomed. It takes an individual 2-3 minutes to decide if she or he is going to watch this video. So this short time is crucial for the entire advertising campaign! The person should take an interest in your work – this is when she or he will pay attention to your ad and spot it among hundreds of others.

The material should be relevant
Advertising becomes three times as appealing and exciting if it reaches the viewer’s interests. It’s not just an idea of having a good meal – it is a person’s specific wish to eat tasty ice-cream after the working day. The ad should reach a viewer in such a manner that she or he will recognize themselves in it. Targeting is not just a buzz word in the advertising world. This is a must-have element of any thought-through advertising campaign. You cannot target “young women 18-40 in large cities”. This is too vague a description and it is impossible to shape a narrow targeting under such circumstances.

For your audience to take an interest and for you to make the advertising interesting for your Target Audience, answer these three questions: Who? When? What?

In this case, use this golden rule: you’d rather create several specific narrowly and precisely targeted advertising campaigns than one very general one. A young woman won’t find anything for her in the commercial where a big man suffers from stomach ache because he has eaten too much – she suffers very different kind of pain. And vice versa. If a person feels that the ad approaches her or him directly, she or he will buy what you are selling.

The location a person is watching an advertising video, the device the ad is run on and the environment where it is happening can determine a lot. If the person is at home, taking their time, surfing the Instagram timeline, relaxing on their coach, it is one thing. When the person is at the airport, she or he is checking in and sees the ad on the monitors of general use, the situation is very different. All these circumstances have their effect on what kind of advertising you are supposed to show and what target audience to reach.

Before getting down to your work, analyze your audience and the market. What do your prospects seek? When and by what parameters do they make their search request? How soon do they need it? How much are they ready to pay? Your task is not to sell as much as you can – you should sell the necessary products to motivated customers so that they were happy and come again. This is the only successful plan in the long term, and this what most businesses want, don’t they?

Let me give you an illustrative example. A woman, 25-54, has been searching for specific things making certain search requests. Google Trends enables you to track popular search requests in a specific region. So, to make it all perfect, the advertising video should show the woman the exact product she was looking for. Then the rating of such ad will increase, it will enjoy high interest thus growing sales. This is how a detailed targeting looks like.

One of the most impressive examples of today’s targeted (as well as gamified) advertising is the recent promotion campaign of the Italian brand Yoox. Before this campaign, the brand wasn’t known beyond Italy and its local audience. After the campaign was launched, not only entire Europe but also the US and Japan became aware of it – thanks to the perfect combination of creativity and targeting. Below, I attach a video-story of this promotion campaign.


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