What website can be trusted by the buyer and how you can influence it

When shopping online, we find it difficult to trust the business we don’t know. People won’t be buying products on your web-site if they know nothing about you; they have no guarantees and cannot check the facts they are given. And these are the factors influencing their decision on a purchase. So how can you encourage people to buy on your website? How to increase conversions even with the low traffic? This is what I’m focusing on in today’s post.

Any business has merely a few seconds to attract a customer. Once a person comes to your web-site, she or he can make their first opinion on it very quickly and it is very difficult to improve it afterwards. So, it is crucial to make your first acquaintance as smooth as possible. So what are the factors that make the customer trust you?

Human face

People buy from other people. Place a photo, or – even better – a video record with your team and you telling briefly about what you do and why. This will immediately put a human face on your brand, and your customer will realize that she or he has to deal with regular people – just like them. In the section “About us”, add a succinct description of the company, ideally, with a touch of humor. We are not robots, after all, and so aren’t our customers.


People only buy at the places where they have at least some confidence in either a product or a company. On the Internet, these are overviews and other people’s reviews they build their trust on. If it is technically possible, place the reviews of your real customers on your website. Your reputation will be shaping not on what you say but rather on what your customers say about you. If you work B2B, then tell about your most prominent partners, use their logos when describing your cases.

Tell about guarantees and return policy

If you can give an official guarantee or warranty, do it by all means. Also, provide a detailed policy on return and exchange – this is what makes people less concerned about making a purchase. We all want to have a back-up plan when we have to spend our money.

Take care of your customer, not of yourself

Here, I’d like to refer to those working in sales and consultancy, who believe that their key mission is to sell a product. Your ultimate goal should be meeting your customer’s needs iso that she or he would want to come back to you.
You can sell a pair of shoes online and that’s it; or you can spend several minutes more to the process and help a person! You can find out his or her preferences in terms of style, comfort, to help with the shoe size; ask about the end-user of the product and how soon they need the product, etc. This is what makes the customer feel you do care and this is what the customers will come back for. It’s not complex. But it is efficient!

Tell about your competence and credibility

It is not a good idea to place on your website things like, “We have been the leaders of the market for almost a decade now”. This statement makes no sense, especially to the customer. It is much better to publish recent news and articles about you in the well-established media, to show the certificates and awards of your employees. This is what will prove you are “living” company where real people work – the one that can be trusted.

Give the answers to some questions at once

There are so many ways to make your questions-and-answers section creative. Select the FAQ, add a chat-bot to your work, if possible. And hey presto! – many problems are solved even before they emerged.

Mind the network security

Use SSL certificate so that your customers are safe on your website. Today, this problem is particularly alarming, so this step will be quite useful.

Have a look at your web-site

The color choices should be pleasant to look at and restrained (if it does not disagree with your concept). Make sure there are no grammar or spelling mistakes in the text and the photos are of high quality. These may seem like minor details but they shape your image for the prospective customers.
In fact, it is not a hard job to improve your site in the way your customers could trust you and want to buy things from you. So, use these tips and best of luck!

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